Why To Start School Business

Why To Start School Business ?

School business is a gigantic business venture and it is one of the most noble and prestigious form of business. School business plays an integral part in the development of the country as it is in school where the future of the nation (children) are educated and crafted into fine gentleman of tomorrow. A person associated with school business is always highly respected in the eyes of the society. School business provides the opportunity to educate and nurture young minds of the nation and also gives an opportunity to work with highly educated individuals of the society. School Business is a highly successful business and the success rate goes even higher using a established school brand. School Franchise do not forget is Social Responsibilities and to carry forward this work, HIF will spend 10 -20% of its income for the Corporate Social Responsibilities and charity work for beneficial for humanity.

Ksushal Bharat Nirman Achievement

School Franchise has always believed that it is our responsibility towards society to enlighten it with the lamp of knowledge. At achievement we stand by our principles of integrity, commitment and unswerving dedication to the cause of the students. For this, we have launched Ksushal Bharat Nirman Achievement of INDIA an initiative of schoolsfranchise.org in association with School Franchise to provide fellowships to the students to unlock their future and unravel their academic dreams. It aims to provide financial assistance to meritorious students. Students from class 10th to 12th main exam will be rewarded with cash prizes, medals, trophies, certificates of excellence, touring tours of top performers across the country.