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This is the first time when School Franchise Opportunity is available so easily. Now many reputed and trusted brands are now holding their positions under the same banner. It is the chance for the premium school brands in the country to promote the school franchise business on a large scale. This is the place for those corporates who want to be successful in the education sector by opening a new school or for those who are already in the business and not having any brand name. Top school franchise India is the website where you can get your brands for the perfect promotion of your business. All the brand names have different requirements and only after all the requirements are fulfilled you will be allowed to open a new school using their name. School is the website where you can find lots of brands welcoming those who wish to be associated as a franchisee, Master Franchisee, and regional franchisee. All the inquiries are forwarded to the respected brands for further procedures. It is an open opportunity for premium schools to get promotions and an identity associated with big names in the country.


ONE SOLUTION FOR BECOMING OWNER OF A LEADING EDUCATION BRAND So, here is an invitation for you to join hands with us, choose a brand of your own choice from a wide variety range of India's best education brands, and own it. Just own it by paying once for the lifetime to own the rights of the brand in your area.

The company is offering various services that include the Trademark with the trade name. The label and logo of the brand will be given and it will be each and every state of India. We are authorized to provide the franchisees in each direction and in each corridor including the states and union territories as Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Goa, Gujarat Haryana, Punjab, Kerala, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Odisha, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Tripura, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, West Bengal, Chandigarh, Daman and Due, Laddakh, Delhi, Jammu and Kashmir, Lakshadweep Pondicherry. The DPSS Franchise is available for all these states even you can get all education franchise, this is a modern way of enhancing the educational system as well as helping those who are not getting enough attention even being the best and can easily adapt the styles of Don Bosco, St. Xaviers, Central School, Mount Carmel, St. Joseph, St. Anthony, St. Michaels International, Loretto, Gothels, St. Pauls, American Montessori, European Montessori, Theresa Pride, Holycross Global international School. These are the brands offering the School franchise in India. For the expansion of your business, it is one of the best strategies and can be easily adopted by any organization. It is applied with some rules and guidelines for the license to the franchisor to have the authority to use its brand, model, and how it can be used to sell its products. For this, the franchisee has to pay a very small amount that is almost available in the agreement.

This is the merger of old schools into new and known brands for their ultimate promotion. They can choose any of the options for coming into a brand name it can be Delhi Public International School franchise as we are available with Secondary school franchise, high school franchise, etc. this kind of action will encourage the old running schools and attract them to be the part of a brand. The license for this will be only provided if they are fulfilling all the criteria. It is essential that the institute which is trying to become a part should follow the guidelines and rule regulations of Schools Franchise so that the standard applied for the education, discipline and universal development of children should be maintained.
It is also an opportunity for earning as if you wish to earn form the Master Franchisee. You can gain some amount by becoming a Franchisor. The money will be gained while the people will come for renewal and it is also a place where Royalty is paid. You will be a franchisor and it will give you the chance to make money from the Master Franchisee that will be the Royalty at the same time you will earn at the time of Renewal done periodically. The top franchisee in India is now easily provided by us with a very simple procedure. The criteria for taking School Franchise on the regional level is as follows: you need a minimum space of 900 Sq,ft in which you have to make a Counselling room, registration Directors cabin, A hall with 2 -3 computers, with the availability of internet, scanner printer, toilets.
You can get the School franchise opportunity easily either on the country, state, or regional level as we are having the authority to connect you with a brand and we are providing the facilities of the best High School Franchise in India. For finding you can use your search engine and type the How to get School Franchise or top education Franchise in India and you will reach our website very easily. We are having the list most of the famous brands in the education that can help you in the promotion as well as a high earning without any difficulties. Here you will need a space of 900 Sq,ft in which you have to make a Counselling room, registration Directors cabin, A hall with 2 to 3 computers, with the availability of internet, scanner printer, toilets.
We are providing the best brands under our programs and inviting the interested corporates and business-minded people from all over India so that they can join themselves to the big brands and become the game-changer in their respected state or region. With us, you can have the opportunity to get CBSE school franchise, ICSE school franchise, k12 school franchise. The brand names we are showing and having does not need an introduction as they are the unique and most successful names in the education sector. This the time you should flow with the downstream to reach your destination. Here you will have to be ready with at least a place having a space of 1000 to 1200 Sq.ft. and you have to divide the space making Counselling room, Chairmans office, Directors Cabin, Administration or accounts department, Toilets, a hall having 5 to 6 computes with internet and a pair of printer and scanners.


franchise india


franchise india

Brand name value

franchise india

Technical Support

franchise india

Opening support

franchise india

Name Recognition

franchise india

Less financial Risk


  • Brand name and value
  • Day to day monitoring of Franchise
  • Marketing Support in getting good admissions
  • Academic Support to strengthen the curriculum
  • Training for teaching staff
  • App and Web support
  • Staff selection and training
  • Website and domain name
Start Your Own K-12 School
  • Student kit for play school
  • Help in infrastructure development
  • Best Onsite counselors training
  • Supply of school equipment
  • Advertising & promotion material
  • Office stationary
  • On-going support
  • Academic Support



YOU Must have the place and passion for opening a school and make it a successful institution.


WE will help you in understanding the essential factors about having a brand name or Franchise school (with academic or marketing team).


WE will support you continuously in the setup of your school on your land.


WE will assist you with all necessary suggestion to run your franchise school successfully.

We will support you at each and every step with our comprehensive child development solutions that will clear your visions of early studies and will help to give you the successful execution.

Assisting in teacher recruitment

We will provide the guidelines for the recruitment of the teachers and assist you in shortlisting the right candidate. We will also provide technical training meetings with principals and directors also assists in the recruitment of school staff at the same time we will provide on-call support to the school staff.

Assisting in marketing your school

We will help you in promotional activities and will help you with techniques to advertise in social media and getting editorial advertisements.

Providing administrative support

The design of the logo for your school will be provided by us at the same time we will help you pamphlets, signboards, and banners. Printing of templates parent inquiry form, receipt books, admission forms, etc. and we will train you, teachers, with the admission process and child settlement techniques.

Assisting to enhance admissions

We will make you better in effective communication with the parents so they can admit the child to your institute. We will help you in the correct implementation of school franchise curriculum in a superior way.

Providing administrative support for running the school

We will help you in safety administration implementation and making the time table and its implementation.

Implementing the curriculum

We train the teachers in understanding the curriculum areas and concepts like Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics, Geography, Botany, Zoology, and Culture). We train the teachers on the precise techniques to present the materials to the children (Through a 5-day in-person training and software module with material presentation videos).

Providing technical support

We will guide you on how to use the software effectively in which you have to maintain the entry of children and teacher data, creating batches managing the bathes and individual reports .

Parent engagement

We will guide your teachers to work with parents for the development of the child’s skills and talents with learning.

Continuous support

Our team of academic experts will constantly support you with strategies for:- Effective classroom management Analyzing child behaviors, Effective parent communication, Expertly observing and assessing children.


We offer variety of school franchise options depending upon the demand and choice.

How Do We Work?

We mostly focus on clients satisfaction and especially concentrate on does and does not so that never make our clients unhappy with our services. Our craftsmanship includes all the qualities needed for a strong foundation for a successful business.


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Our happy customers in the country and all over the world are our motivation. It is very important for us to serve our customer with utmost integrity and fairness.

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Start Your School Franchise Today Pre K-12 Schools (CBSE,ICSE)Existing Schools May Also Become Affiliates And Get Requisite Support Are You Thinking Of Starting Up Grading


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Cbse,Icse Board School And International School Franchise In India ,Best Of K-12 Cbse School And Preschool Franchise In India,


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School Quality Audit SQA offered by tags the latest recognition to a school’s quality education, breaking down the status quo of the existing delivery system of education. However, it has been observed by our team that many schools take the SQA program or other audit programs as a burden kind of unnecessary task to carry out within the stipulated time. However, the reality is quite contrary.


Viresh singh (School Franchise Expert)

The earlier the school gets the seal of certification, meeting the due requirements, the better this can to grab the attention for the smooth operation of the school. If a school understands the power of the in-process audit as early as possible, that school will definitely realize the potential to improve the student-teachers learning curve as well as the school’s vertical progress in the world of education.


Viresh singh (School Franchise Expert)

School Franchise Expert

I am feeling honored because of so many Schools showing interest and visiting our website to get Franchise opportunities in India. Now it is a difficult target for many Entrepreneurs to establish an affordable business that is financially secure and independent as completion is on the peak due to the use of technology in the market. For the entrepreneurs who are having patience, commitment with their goals to be achieved even if they have to wait the has the creating the opportunity for these special ones. The people who already understood the importance of youth empowerment and educational revolution can now contact us because the is offering the unique way of business with a powerful platform that can be operated locally.

- Viresh singh Chauhan

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We are nothing without our qualified and dedicated team, happy to have them.

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20 Aug
Ksushal Bharat Nirman Achievement

Students from class 10th to 12th main exam will be rewarded with cash prizes, medals, trophies, certificates of excellence, touring tours of top performers across the country

22 Aug
Best School Franchise Awards 2020

School franchise will give its 13th and best school Franchise Awards 2020

20 Aug
Ksushal Bharat Nirman Achievement

Students from class 10th to 12th main exam will be rewarded with cash prizes, medals, trophies, certificates of excellence, touring tours of top performers across the country.

20 July
School Franchise will start its first online course


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